Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is simply a method of coupling computer technology and the telephone to improve performance and quality in market research data collection. It offers significant benefits in terms of sample management, question routing, accuracy and timing.

Our CATI system has been developed in-house, evolving over several years to meet our specific needs. It is a highly flexible system for international business to business and consumer interviewing. The implementation is interviewer-friendly with all the ease-of-use features associated with 32bit Windows interfaces. Control and performance reports are available to all interviewers at all times, helping to deliver quality and timeliness.

CATI screenshot

CATI permits the interviewer to spend more time interviewing. The respondent is usually unaware that the interview is being driven by computer. Careful questionnaire design allows the interview to flow as an interactive conversation.

However, the focus on technology should not take your attention away from the interviewers; our team management approach with real interviewer empowerment is ideal for taxing projects that require the utmost professional care and courtesy.